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About me

I’m Maxime Batard, a French student in Cyberdefense engineering.

How may I describe me? I’m a cybersecurity enthusiast who wants to learn and to share as much as possible. I’m pretty curious and I like discovering new things (I don’t say each thing has an interest, anyway).

Well, I’m 22 and I’m graduated of a Baccalauréat Scientifique (french scientific high-school diploma) and of a DUT Informatique (a two-years technical degree in computer science). Now, I’m studying in an Engineering school to grab the title of Engineer in Cyberdefense (I don’t know the US equivalent).

Interests: Information Security, Governance/Management, Bug Bounty and Programming

Programming languages: HTML/CSS, PHP, C, Python, Java


Social Networks

Other stuff


Here is a short list of the certs I have:

  • Certificat Voltaire (a French certification indicating the level of proficiency in spelling): 806 pts - Business level
  • TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) : 865 pts


I’m currently based in Brittany, France… It’s a quite nice region but it rains too often to my mind. You can contact me by email: contact[at]maximebatard[.]fr


To start this blog, I used the static site generator called Jekyll and the Lanyon template. Feel free to reuse components of this site, it’s freely available on my Github.