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Welcome to my blog!


To introduce myself quickly (you have a better description here), I’ll say I’m student in cyberdefense who wants to learn and share. I discovered computers when I was a child, that’s why I decided to study computer science when I was 17. I’m graduated of a two-years technical degree in computer science, and now I’m studying cyberdefense to grab the title of Engineer in Cyberdefense.

What you’ll find here

With this blog, I want to share with you what I know, even if it isn’t very technical. I’m currently interested by Reverse Engineering and scripting for automation tools, that’s why I’ll try to explain what I do.

I always thought it was important to share its knowledge when we have the ability to do it.

What you’ll probably not find here

I’m an occasional CTF player, therefore you’ll not find write ups or anything related to CTF. In rare cases, if I play to a CTF, I’ll try to explain what I did.

Thank you for reading me!

Feel free to email me (contact[at]maximebatard[.]fr) if you encounter issues or if I make a typing error.

Never stop learning!
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