Pantharax Cybersecurity enthusiast

Why InfoSec?

It can be an interesting question… Actually, when I started to study computer science, I had no special interest for InfoSec! I was not particularly attentive to the world of the security but, because of I was always asked for troubleshooting friends’ computers, I began to learn the basics of what is computer’s security.

The event that changed my way to think

Well, go back to 2014! I got a phone call of someone who had its computer infected by a ransomware… Well, you know the story! I thought it was so unfair and that’s why I decided to jump into this wonderful world. It’s not so easy to begin, especially when you don’t know where to begin! Information Security is a huge field, very interesting.

Manage the time

When you begin in a new area (and when you’re passionate), you always want to learn new things. The new challenge is to manage your time, particularly when you’re a student and your teachers ask your for doing your homeworks.

And now…

I discovered a school which is specialized in cyberdefense. Moreover, in this school, I’ve the advantage to be in apprenticeship. I chose a position in a french company which is specialized in retail and I work under the responsibility of the CISO. Now, I’ve to wait to be graduated (there is about a year left) and to have my diploma to be Engineer.

What can I say? I’m very happy to be a member of this wonderful community. I began to do technical stuff thanks to the Root-Me and NewbieContest platforms. I’m always looking for learning new stuff, technical or not.

Thank you for reading me, have a nice day!

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